Training the Trainer

How to Become a LifeSavers Trainer: for school personnel and interested community members

attend and participate fully in one of our retreats
observe what works and give us feedback
notice where you could fit in
participate in a 4-day training retreat in which we will take you through the process, give you information on what it takes to produce the retreat, have you practice conducting the small group sessions, and help you develop a collaborative/listening approach
upon completion of above, if selected, you will be work with an experienced LSTC trainer for the next 2-3 years while leading retreats

LifeSavers-2: Advanced Training for students

participate in a 2 day retreat in June with other LifeSavers from all schools
enhance your skills
get more training on communication skills and updates on dangers faced by teens
get questions answered about your specific needs

Group Leader Training* – for teens who are experienced LifeSavers and want to become Small Group Leaders

participate in a Sunday afternoon preparation and training
learn the background and history of the LifeSavers program
learn to work with small groups
learn why the order of the training program works
learn “behind the scenes” preparation requirements
facilitate Listening Circles yourself

* Note: receiving this training does NOT guarantee selection to be a trainer

Email us for information about additional training for local chapters.